Software Development

Making the shift from Waterfall to Agile is a transition that involves changing organizational perception and developmental practices. As with learning any new process, guidance is needed for maximum success. With Agile experience and the ability to facilitate the transition from Waterfall development to Agile, BEAT provides the answers and direction you need to support your decision to move toward the Agile process and maximize the benefits of Agile practices.
BEAT has a 12-year history of delivering innovative, mission-critical infrastructure and software solutions for Federal clients. Over the last several years, we have developed new programs leveraging Agile methodologies and transitioned existing programs from Waterfall to Agile. For instance, we developed Electronic Medical Record, Digital Imaging Communications of Medicine (DICOM) Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and Cybersecurity Analytics systems. BEAT also transitioned a critical health application that serves as the System of Record for the Department of Defense, including over 10 million patient records. BEAT has garnered expertise working in—and improving upon—software development processes based upon these experiences and others.

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