Artificial Intelligence

BEAT provides the capabilities to manage and analyze unstructured and semi-structured content. Our team uses data science techniques like predictive analytics and distributed processing frameworks such as Hadoop, integrated with traditional structured data sources, thereby providing new insights from your organization’s data.
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence–We provide you the ability to efficiently present and share accurate, meaningful data for a given system or organization from a single, reliable source by combining data silos into logical structures and exposing them with compelling reports, dashboards, geospatial displays, and advanced data visualizations.
Data Management–We provide data governance, overall data management, and data quality services to ensure your data is accurate, complete, and timely. BEAT has proven data analytics expertise and tools to provide business users with structured and unstructured data to better analyze existing and new data sources. Our approach has been refined through the repetitive engagement of our subject matter expertise and Big Data technologies.

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